Towlehaugen's Viktoria

Norwegian Fjord Horse mare
Born May 18, 1992

Height: 14'0

Sire: Anvil's Borgen
(Rusten C-61 G4 x Stella II N14138)

Dam: Towlehaugen's Karina
(Leidjo x Heljo's Siri)

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Viktoria has produced three foals for us:
Skjenna Gård Torge 2005 colt by Felix
Skjenna Gård Petra 2003 filly by Felix
Skjenna Gård Venn 2001 colt by Felix

Viktoria is a lovely mare with a wonderful temperament. She has had some training to drive, and some to ride, but is still green. I have been riding her occasionally in the ring as well as out of the ring. She is doing well and advancing in her skills. She will trail ride with other horses comfortably, but on her own she requires a slightly more confident rider at this point in her training. I have been learning alot with her - I am not an experienced or confident rider AT ALL, yet she has been willing to try and doesn't get upset when I mess up!

Viktoria stands at just over 14' hands. She's got good bone and is not drafty or coarse. She's got a very pretty head and good overall conformation.

Viktoria has produced three foals by Felix for us. Each one has been special. The combination of genes seems to be a good one. We have kept the 2003 filly (Petra). Viktoria is a great mother and foals out easily. We've been present for all three foals and she seems to like us being there.


The photo below shows Rachel riding Viktoria after she'd not been ridden for 6 months. The photo was taken within the first 10 minutes. No lunging first! Viktoria is very willing and has a great memory for previous lessons, no matter how far in the past.